About Me


My desire to create began in my freshman Highschool art class with a teacher who taught me the basics and encouraged me to excel. Although I wasn't allowed to go to art school after graduating because my Dad said no, I still had a dream to continue with my art. In 1975 my husband and I had just finished our new house and he asked me one day, "Are we going to put something on these walls?" So I decided to attend classes and workshops and I learned to paint with oil. 

In retirement, I proceeded to follow my high school dream of starting a business with my paintings. As I learned and painted, I discovered a passion for still life painting done in the traditional style of the Old Masters. I still enjoy creating a new painting, using vibrant colors; bold brush strokes and seeing the image come alive on my canvas. In 2016, I was juried into my first big art show with 60 other artists. That first year I was awarded "Best of Show." This was such a pivotal moment of affirmation for me as I was given recognition as a professional artist. Insecurity and self-worth have always haunted me but no longer define who I am. My art, husband, family, friends, and faith have changed that. My still life paintings give me the chance to be the vibrant, creative person I was intended to be. 

I want my art to inspire memories for the viewer of growing up, their grandma, or a special event of beauty. My wish is that every time a collector sees my painting on their wall, they will smile from the memories it creates. 

I create bright colored traditional still life paintings that are professionally done. My original, one-of-a-kind oil paintings are for sale on my website and at shows. There will never be another painting like yours. My goal is to make you smile and to be a "Blessing with Color."