Collection: Still Life Paintings

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"Welcome Spring"
"Colors in Winter"
"A Touch of Yellow"
"Yellow Crock Vase in Oak Leaves"
"Heritage Pumpkin"
"Apple Blossoms"
"The Fun Begins"
"Making Applesauce"
"Peonies and Poppies"
"Watering Can"
"Waiting To Be Filled"
"Two Apples"
"Tea Time"
"Purple Fusion"16x20
"Pumpkin Affair"
"Oriental Vase with Oranges" 16x20/framed
"In the Spot Light" 12x18/framed
"Harvest is Plentiful" 12x12/Framed
"Happy Faces"
"Glorious Lilacs"
"Gerber Daisies with Attitude"
"Garden Sunflowers"
"Fall Bounty"
"Egg Hunt" 10x20/Framed
"Daisies in Red Vase"
"Bowl of Costco Lemons"
"Celebration" 16x20/Framed
"Blue Vase with Peach"