Collection: Still Life Paintings

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"Vases" 12x16
"Touch of Beauty" 11x14
"Orchids in Montana"22x28
"Peeled" 4x4
"Quartet" 8x10
"Victorian Rose" 6x6
"White Poinsettia" 11x14
"Restaurant Cups" 12x18
"Red Roses" 8x10
"Pewter and Oranges" 8x10
"Antique Watering Can" 20x24
"Spring Flowers" 8x16
"Fragrance of Praise"
"White Wine"
"Red Wine"
"German Vase"
"White Pitcher"
"Have an Apple"
"Red Rose"
"More Sunflowers"
"A Daisy"
"Last of Garden" 10x10
"Sunflowers and Chokecherries"
"Turquoise Vase"
"Made in Sweden"
"Lonely Onion"
"Ready for Salad"
"The Lineup"
"Brass Basket"