Collection: Still Life Paintings

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SL-60 "Welcome Spring"
"Color in Winter"
" Pomegranate and Ghost"
"A Touch of Yellow"
"Yellow in Oak"
"Honey Crisp"
"Let's Play"
"Heritage Pumpkin"
"Single Sunflower"
"Apple Blossoms"
"The Fun Begins" 16x20/Framed
"Golden Delicious Apples" 8x10 framed
"Making Applesauce"
"Peonies and Poppies"
"Twins" 2-4x5 oil paintings
"Yellow McCoy Vase" 16x20
"Watermelon and Grapes"
"Watering Can"
"Waiting To Be Filled" 8x8/Framed
"Two Apples"
"Three Peppers"
"Tea Time"
"Purple Fusion"16x20
"Pumpkin Affair"
"Oriental Vase with Oranges" 16x20/framed
"In the Spot Light" 12x18/framed
"Honey Do!" 11x14
"Harvest is Plentiful" 12x12/Framed
"Happy Faces"
"Glorious Lilacs"